The Founder

Founder, Kelsey Norris

Kelsey Norris, founder of Global Apothecary, began her skincare journey in 2010 when she was struggling with some skin issues. She became passionate about NATURAL skincare when she became aware of the toxic ingredients used in most beauty products. Frustrated by conventional beauty, and unimpressed by DIY formulations, she became determined to create something safe and natural, but effective.  She created Global Apothecary as a way to combine her love of natural skincare with her passion for travel. All Global Apothecary items are  inspired by different countries from around the world, using regionally, culturally, and historically relevant ingredients.   She adds powerful cosmeceutical ingredients to create potent formulations that are as unique as they are effective.


The Process

Each Global Apothecary item is inspired by a different country from around the world. My process starts with researching the history, food & culture of a country. I read cookbooks, travel guides, & novels about the chosen region. For example, before formulating my Peru-inspired Palo Santo & Cacao Ritual Night Oil, I read a Peruvian superfood cookbook, a memoir on the spiritual & cultural relevance of Palo Santo, and a history book about the religious beliefs of the ancient Incas. I used this knowledge to craft a very special face oil that uses historically, culturally & regionally relevant ingredients, such as Sacha Inchi oil (the "Incan Peanut") & avocado oil (a crop historically grown in the region). In addition to using these regionally relevant ingredients, I also include unique cosmeceutical ingredients. For example, the Japan-inspired Green Tea & Seaweed mud mask includes Niacinamide (vitamin B3), a safe and effective skin-brightener. The focus is on clean, natural skincare that is EFFECTIVE.

I'd love to hear from you! Send me an email at kelsey@globalapothecary.com

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